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  • Thou Must Leave Thy Lowly Dwelling4:14

  • "The Heavens are Telling"4:30

Sanctuary Choir Selections


Here at Dulin Church, music is used to enhance worship through magnifying the meaning of scriptures and by allowing us to sing praise as one collective body. Our ensembles help bolster congregational singing and provide music to inspire listeners each week. The hymns sung each week span from traditional, to gospel, to contemporary, making our worship very blended, inclusive, and accessible to all.

Our music at Dulin is never just limited to choir. If you have the desire to share your gifts and talents with us, there are certainly opportunities and ways for you to get involved in this branch of ministry! If you have a general question, please feel free to email Ben.

For more information on the musical happenings at Dulin or to sign up, please explore the pages provided below!